Cats, Coffee, and a Can’t-Miss Opportunity at El Gato Cat Cafe!

Cats are great. And that’s not just because I’m kind of a cat person (don’t worry, I love dogs as well!), but they just are. They’re low-maintenance, funny, affectionate, and they really are just super fun to watch. The internet itself lays its very foundations on the number of silly cat pictures and videos that exist on every platform. In short, cats are amazing and they’re a joy to be near.

So with that said, what could be better than getting the chance to pet and play with cute cats while also enjoying some great coffee and snacks? That’s where cat cafes come in. In Japan, the concept of a cat cafe is part of the everyday norm. And gradually, over time, the US is really starting to pick up on the activity with more and more cat cafes starting to pop up across the country. 

El Gato Coffeehouse is Houston’s first and best place to enjoy some coffee and treats while getting to play with some adorable cats. I’ve been there many times and I can’t begin to express just how fun the experience is. Guests reserve an hour in the cat room and can purchase a number of tasty snacks along with their drinks, spending their hour with the cats in a relaxed and fun coffeehouse environment. It’s a pretty engaging, but calming way to spend your time and all the cats are up for adoption should one strike your fancy. All the profits go to the care of the cats and there’s even a room where you can purchase some treats and toys for your fur babies at home!

In terms of getting over to the cat cafe for nearby apartment residents, Bayou Park, the Broadmead, Capewood, Providence at Heights, the Establishment, Providence at Memorial, and Shadow Creek are all excellent, affordable options with high-quality amenities along with regional closeness. You’ll find that each of these options is less than twenty minutes away from the cafe, allowing for apartment residents to reserve and enjoy an hour with the cats at ease. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something relaxing to do during the weekend.

El Gato Coffeehouse is open from 12:20 pm to 3 pm every day of the week except for Wednesdays. For additional information, or to reserve an hour in advance, you can visit their main website HERE. For your personal safety, as well as for the safety of the cats, make sure to wear a mask and practice proper social distancing! Enjoy a fun outing with some truly PURRfect furry friends and reserve your visit time now!


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Feb 9